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ROBLOX | Bloxburg Remakes: Tumblr House + FACE REVEAL


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hii! since im so close to 100k i thought before i got there i would look back on some of my really old videos and recreate one of them just for fun. so, of course, i chose the (iconic) tumblr house build. i didn't have a lot of subscribers back then and i remember thinking how crazy it was that in almost every server i joined there was someone who had recreated one of my builds. for some reason this tumblr house was a favorite of you guys. i have changed so much since i made that video, both in my building and decorating style (*cough* and looks). to be honest it was kind of hard trying to recreate the original theme of this build and i really don't even like how it turned out but i wanted to make it as close as possible to the original :)

most of it is different, i only used the same exterior, general layout, and color scheme! i even used a bunch of my old decals. also as you'll see i added in a "face reveal pt. 2" for y'all lmao (sorry i had to) just for jokez xo

i also have a couple things planned for 100k! i'll be organizing a little game night sometime on my discord server (i may or may not stream it) and im also planning on doing a qna! (and yes, that means a voice reveal. not sure if i'll figure out a face cam situation by then but we'll seeee)

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